We born creating audio experiences from the ground up!




We are a creative music group that makes unique scores for singers, movie trailers, commercials, and films. Check it out (seta para baixo).




Inspire, Thrill, Captivate… Our music is passionately crafted to tell memorable stories and spark imagination. Our work transcends the world of “music production” it’s a true psychedelic statement.

ex: http://tableless.com.br/servicos/



ex: campo do “how we do it” http://pixel2html.com


Music Production and Remixing:


Our team consists of inspiring group of composers and producers where commitment to quality is first and foremost. We bring more than 12 years of music production, remixing and composition experience to your project in a streamlined and collaborative way.


Sound Design:


Boom! Bleep. Clang! You ask for a sound and we make it come to life! We have extensive, professionally recorded sound libraries and work with the best analog and digital synthethizers to make any sound a reality.


Audio Mixing:


Once your tracks are recorded, all you need to do is send us the multitracks and carefully blend every instrument together for the best possible sound quality.


Audio Mastering:


We polish your final mix to be on par in terms of volume and quality with the best tracks you hear. Our mastering team brings more than 10 years of experience, having mastered more than 1500 tracks, using a mix of the best analog and digital gear avaliable in the market.


Audio Restoration:


If you have an old recording you really love but is damaged, we can restore it! We remaster audio that has been transferred from an analog to a digital format for example from vinyl, cassette, or reel-to-reel to Cd, Wav, or Mp3.


Audio Consulting and Track Improvement:


Let our years of experience speak for you! Talk with us about your ideas and we can offer you consulting without compromises.


Logo and Website Development:


We can deliver you quality logo design with a exceptional quality. Our in in-house designers will make sure you find the perfect logo or website for your project.


Why Choose us:

ex: http://www.cropfection.com/about


25+ Collaborators


Mixtalker is small enough to care about you and large enough to handle any client requirement and needs. You can be assured your projects always get done on time!


Satisfaction Guarantee


We offer a 100% Money-Back Policy in case you are not satisfied with your final result.


Great Communication and Support


We have a team specifically dedicated to your project and multiple ways to get in touch with us. Questions, concerns, feedback – we are here for you.



How do we do it?

ex: http://pixel2html.com


1 – Submit Form

Visit our request pricing page to submit your project files along with a selection of other specifications or notes needed to develop your order.


2 – Review

Once we receive your request, we will analyze it and make any questions or modifications in case they are necessary. In this step we confirm the final price & delivery dates.


3 – Development

Our team will get things done meeting your expectations.


4 – QA

As soon as the first version of your order is completed, our Quality Team will make sure the final product is what you desire.


5 – Delivery

When the project is good to go, we will send the download links for you to grab the work right away in multiple audio formats.


Examples of our work:


Browse by  → All / Music Production / Remixing / Audio Mixing and Audio Mastering / Sound Design / Audio Restoration

ex: http://www.secessionstudios.com/#portfolio


Some of our collaborators:


Filipe Teixeira Official Roland V-Drummer – Composition and Sound Recording

Fred Sarmento from Cropfection – Logo and Webdesign

Iuri Daniel from Stylver Project – Music Production

João Bandarra from Flembaz and Pabonsq – Music Production and Sound Engineering

Luís M – Music Production

Pedro Artur from Flembaz and Pabonsq – Music Production and Sound Engineering

ex: http://www.pyramind.com/about-us/team/

(com link externo do projecto)


We are powerd by “the world’s leading software and gear:


– Pro Tools

– Ableton

– FL Studio

– Waves

– Spectrasonics

– Native instruments

– Logic

– Genelec

– Roland

– Fender

– Yamanha

– Mesa Boogie

– Allen & Heath


– reFX


– Moog

– Korg


– M-Audio

– Focusrite


– Shure

– Sennheiser

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Why People Love Us:


André Ferreira CTO at airstoc – “Mixtalker always meets my expectations!”

Anyer Quantum A&R at Horns and Hoofs Entertainment – “Perfect mixing and mastering for my projects”

Dj Enraged – “Mixtalker consulting and mastering took my project to another level”


What is going on:

ex: http://pixel2html.com


Countries where we have clients:



Projects Completed:



Messages w/ clients:



Questions? Concerns?

Get in touch – We love hearing from you!

Email Us

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Music Production


Sound Design

Audio Mixing

Audio Mastering

Audio Restoration

Audio Consulting

Track Improvement

Logo Design

Website Development


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References for the kind of work you are looking for:

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Project Brief & Description:

Let us know your project specifications.


Your Budget:


Project files (optional):

Insert Dropbox, Google Drive or Wetransfer link to send us your .zip with the files so we can evaluate and send you a quote. Your audio files must be sent as stereo .wav file, ideally at a 24-bit, though 32-bit or 16-bit is also acceptable.